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There are many cities that not only are at an international border, but are actually on both sides of the border. For example, Gorizia (Italy) and Nova Gorica (Slovenia).

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Prpbably Nogales, their is Nogales, Az and Nogales, Mexico

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Q: What is the closest city to an international border?
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What is the closest Mexican city to Brownsville TX?

Matamoros is the closest Mexican city to Brownsville, TX. It is located just across the border from Brownsville and is connected by the Matamoros-Brownsville International Bridge.

Which city in Al is closest to the FL border?

The city in Alabama closest to the Florida border is Flomaton. It is located in the southern part of Alabama and shares a border with Florida.

What major German city is closest to the Austrian Border?

Munich is the major city that is nearest to the Austrian border.

What is An international border city in Maine?

The city of Calais, Maine is an international border city. There are 9 different places to cross the border here into parts of Canada.

What Canadian city is the closest to the American border?

Windsor, Ontario is the Canadian city closest to the American border, with Detroit, Michigan lying just across the Detroit River.

What is the closest Canadian city to the US border?

The closest Canadian city to the US border is Surrey, located in British Columbia. It is part of the Greater Vancouver area and shares a border with the US state of Washington.

What is the closest airport to Vatican City?

The international airport of Rome is the closest facility to the Vatican.

What city in California is closest to Arizona?

Blythe sits on the border.

What is the closest Alabama city from Jackson Ms?

The city of Melvin, near the western border of Alabama and Mississippi, is the closest city in that State from Jackson Mississippi.

What is the closest town to Canadian border?

Niagara falls, i am supposing your asking about an American city, closest Mexican city would be Juares. closest begique city would be Oust end. and depending on what part of the US your coming from aswell. Juneau Alaska is close to the border.

Can you name an international border city in Maine?


Russia's closest city to US?

Pskov is near the border with Estonia in the Baltic States. Smolensk is near the border with Belarus. Chelyabinsk and Omsk are near the border with Kazakhstan. Vladivostok, in the far west, is near the border with China and North Korea.