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Q: What is the difference between Jefferson and Jackson democracy?
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Which statement best describes a difference between a democracy and a republic?

A democracy can come in two forms - direct and indirect - while a republic is always indirect - Apex

What is the difference between the rights in the United states and the rights in Venezuela?

The US is a democracy and Venezuela is a dictatorship. Any politician in the US who tried to override the constitution would not last as long as Chavez.

The potential for conflict between majority rule and individual freedom is a?

Paradox of democracy

Disagreement between Jefferson and Hamilton about the national bank?

What about it? There was indeed disagreement between the two since Hamilton favored a strong central government (and therefore a central banking system) and Jefferson supported distributing power to the states.

What caused tension between Adams and Jackson?

The tension between John Adams and Andrew Jackson began when Jackson ran for president in 1824. Adams, who was president from 1797 to 1801, viewed Jackson as an upstart and a political outsider, and was uncomfortable with his popularity among the people. In 1824, Jackson won the most popular votes and Electoral College votes but did not receive the majority of votes needed to become president. He was forced into a runoff election with John Quincy Adams, who was Adams' son. The House of Representatives, which decided the runoff election, chose John Quincy Adams, much to the dismay of Jackson supporters. Adams and his allies were accused of making a "corrupt bargain" with House speaker Henry Clay in order to win the election. This further fueled Jackson's distaste for Adams and his supporters. The tension between Jackson and Adams was further exacerbated by Jackson's political views. Jackson was a staunch defender of states' rights and believed in a more decentralized form of government. Adams, on the other hand, was a strong proponent of a strong central government and a more centralized form of government. This ideological divide between the two men created additional tension between them. The tension between Jackson and Adams also stemmed from their personal styles. Adams was a reserved, cerebral leader who believed in following the law and the Constitution. Jackson, on the other hand, was a passionate populist who believed in taking action and relying on the will of the people. This difference in leadership style created a divide between the two men. Ultimately, the tension between Jackson and Adams was rooted in their political and ideological differences, as well as a personal rivalry stemming from the contentious 1824 presidential election. This divide only grew stronger as Jackson ascended to the presidency in 1828 and began to implement his own policies and vision for the country. The rift between Jackson and Adams was never completely healed, and their differences continue to be felt to this day.

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What is the differences between Jacksonian and Jacksonian democracy?

jacksonian democracy moved away from jeffersonian democracy. also Andrew Jackson started jacksonian democracy while thomas Jefferson started jeffersonian democracy. ^^^^^^ bull ***t answer ^^^^^^

What is the difference between Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson?

Thomas Jefferson wanted to limit the power of the federal government while Andrew Jackson wanted to expand it. Andrew Jackson wanted to exclude the native Americans from American society, but Jefferson wanted to include them.

What are similarities and differences between Jefferson And Jackson?

similarities between Jefferson and Jackson Both had slaves Differences:Federalist and Republican(strict vs loose construction of Constitution)

What was Jeffersons view of the relationship between education and democracy?

Jefferson believed that a strong democracy depended on well educated students

What is the difference between Pluralism and Democracy?


What is the difference between a totalitarianism regime and a democracy?

The difference is simply that totalitarianism regime is 2 words and democracy is 1 word

What are difference between democratic governance and good governance?

difference between good governac and democracy

What is the difference between democracy and communism?

communist ruled by military democracy "governed" by the people

What is the difference between a democracy and a dictatarship?

democracy people have power,dictatarship one person has power

What is the difference between roman republic and Canadian democracy?

They are not comparable. The Roman Republic was an oligarchy, not a democracy.

Is the difference between a representative democracy and A direct democracy?

Direct democracy is doing something by the government andrepresentative democracy is a democracy where citizens delegae authority to elect represntatives

What's the difference between parliamentary and presidential democracy?

a presidential democracy is ruled by a president and a parlimentary democracy is ruled by a prime minister