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This is completely an opinion question. a loyalist is someone loyal to the country they came from, and a patriot is someone loyal to the country they live in. (example: someone moved from England to Canada. If they support England, they're a loyalist. If they support Canada, they're a patriot)

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I believe that you should be a patriot instead of a loyalist because you shouldn't be under the kings rule of paying him taxes and following his laws. You should break away from Britain and be Independent.

I also believe that you should be a patriot because the king didn't treat you properly. He treats you poorly and expects you to pay taxes and follow his laws.

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loyalists are loyal to britain patriots are against the britain rule

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اخو عمر شاور اسمه ايه

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Q: What is the difference between patriots are loyalists?
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What is the difference between a loyalist a patriot?

who were loyalists and patriots?

What is the political difference between patriots and loyalists?

Loyalists support the leaders, patriots defend their country. During the American Revolution Loyalists supported the rule of the English King while Patriots wanted a new government for the colonies (they were not states yet).

What were the sabotages between Loyalists and Patriots?

The patriots tarred and feathered the loyalists. They also ruined loyalist houses.

When was the war between patriots versus the loyalists?

The patriots and loyalists technically fought during the Revolutionary war. Although the war was mostly patriots vs Britain, the loyalists and patriots fought. One example Is Kings Mountain.

Were there more loyalists or patriots in the south?

Loyalists and patriots were all Americans however, loyalists supported Brittan and patriots were all for America

What is the difference between loyalists and patriots?

'Loyalists' were loyal to the Crown of England. 'Patriots' supported the war for independence during the time of the American Revolution. Loyalist were fighting under command of British. While, the Patriots aka rebels fought for there independence.

What was the difference between the loyalists and the patriots?

The Loyalists were colonist who were loyal to England. They wanted to stay with England. The Patriots on the other hand were colonist who wanted to break away from England and be free and have their independence. (Fun Fact: Put 5,318,008 in a calculator. Then turn it upsides down :)

Interaction with loyalists and patriots?

The loyalists hated the patriots because the patriots were always tarring and feathering them.

What did patriots and loyalists favor?

Loyalists remained loyal (hence their name) to the Crown.

How could people tell the difference between patriots and loyalists?

Unless someone was trying to hide their true feelings, as many felt the need to do, the loyalists professed support of the English Crown and military and the so-called Patriots were for independence, or at least local control of taxation.

What is the difference between a patriot and a loyalist?

Neutral ^ that's wrong loyalist is someone who was loyal to Great Brittan and a patriot was someone who was against Great Brittan. After the Revolutionary war the patriots won and that is how the 13 colonies became the USA.

What do patriots hate loyalists?

because the patriots think that the loyalists are traitors to the colonists