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6 years

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Q: What is the duration of the Rajya Sabha members?
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How many member of parliament in India from rajya sabha?

Member of Parliament ( Rajya Sabha ) Total members : 242

The members of rajya sabha are elected for a term of?

Six years is the tenure of the members of Rajya Sabha.

How many members in Rajya Sabha from Delhi?

3 members are in Rajya Sabha from National Capital Territory of Delhi.

How many members are elected to Rajya sabha from the States as well as union Terristories together?

A maximum of 250 members can be elected to Rajya Sabha. But at present the strength of Rajya Sabha is 245.

Who elects the members of the rajya sabha?

rajya sabha conssists of 250 members among thm 248 are elected by our representatives and 12 are elected by the president from different fields that is from different proffessions like hema malini a member of rajya sabha. etc

How many members are there of rajya sabha?


How many years elected the members of rajya sabha?

Rajya sabha members are elected for 6 years. Every two years, one third members get elected.

How many members are there rajya sabha?

There are 250 members in Indian Rajya Sabha in which 238 are elected indirectly by legislative assemblies and 12 are nominated by President.

Who appoints president of India?

elected members of parliament including members of lok sabha , rajya sabha and vidhan sabha

Who is chosen by the members of rajya sabha?

Deputy Chairman

How many members are there in Rajya Sabha?

The Rajya Sabha, the upper house of India's Parliament, has a total of 245 members. 233 members are elected by the legislatures of the states and union territories, while 12 members are nominated by the President of India.

Why cant the president dissolve Rajya sabha?

The president of India cannot dissolve Rajya Sabha as a whole bcoz it is a permanent house and is not subjected to dissolution. 2/3 rd of the members of the Rajya Sabha retire every year and hence the term of the members is 6 years.