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the purpose of the executives branch is the group of congress that say wheat her the laws can be pass on or they vetoes it

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Q: What is the execuitive branch?
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What is the full form of CEO?

chief execuitive officer

What are the checks and balaces of the execuitive branch?

Checks and balances are in place so that no one branch of government becomes too powerful. Congress can veto the President's proposed laws, and the Supreme Court can rule that a law is unconstitutional. This way, the president does not have all the power and rule like a king.

Where does Motor Vehicle Accident gets its funds?

Are you sure you don't mean Motor Vehicle ADMNINISTRATION? The MVA (or in some states, the DMV) are agencies of the Execuitive Branch of government and they get their funding and operating expenses from taxes and from the fees they charge.

What gives the president powers to issue execuitive agreement?

kitty cats dont dance.... most days.

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What branch of government commands the nations army and navy?

The legislative branch.

What are types of branch accounting?

Dependent Branch Independent Branch Foreign Branch

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The arrows in the illustration represent checks on the power of each branch of government which branch of government fits in each blank?

A=legislative branch; B= executive branch

What branch sends messages to congress?

Legislative branch Legislative branch = Congress Judicial branch = courts Executive branch = President and cabinet

Which branch decides if the actions of the executive branch are constitutional?

The judicial branch. The Supreme Court is the Judicial Branch of the US Government.

Which branch makes the laws?

The Legislative branch (Congress).