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There is no "gun control" amendment.

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Q: What is the gun control amendment?
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How does gun control relate to the second Amendment?

Gun control has EVERYTHING to do with the 2nd amendment; it's why the amendment was written in the first place!!!!!

What does gun control have do with to the 2nd amendment?

The second amendment is the right of United States Citizens to Bear Arms (Own a weapon). Gun Control is controversial because it often is borderline unconstitutional.

Which amendment causes the most friction between gun control advocates and the National Rifle Association?

The Second Amendment is the amendment that causes the most friction between gun control advocates and the National Rifle Association (NRA). Gun control advocates argue for stricter regulations to address gun violence, while the NRA strongly defends the interpretation that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual's right to own and carry firearms. The clash arises due to the differing perspectives on how to balance gun rights and public safety.

What part of the constitution is at the heart of the gun control debate?

The second amendment.

Why is the Democratic Party against the Second Amendment?

The Democratic Party is not against the Second Amendment, it is merely for gun control. The idea of gun control is that you shouldn't be allowed to own an AK, because the only reason to own an AK is to kill other people. Republicans usually charge that because Democrats are pro-gun control, that they are anti-second amendment, but those are two different things.

Is Liam neeson for gun control?

Seems like he is for gun control but he also understands the 2nd amendment and respects it, which is why he never openly sponsor either side.

How did the second amendment explain the right to carry guns?

The second amendment doesn't say anything about gun control. It says the people have a right to keep and bear arms.

Which amendment do you have to have a permit for your gun?

Well, you don't have to "have" any amendment. However, the second amendment is the one that refers to gun ownership.

Which amendment deals with gun ownership?

The Second Amendment

Does the 2nd Amendment primarily protect an individual's right to bear arms and prohibit the government from making and enforcing gun control laws?

The Second Amendment has been selectively re-interpreted over the last 100 years or so, but not even the most fervent NRA member believes that it prohibits ANY gun control laws. Most people believe that gun control laws banning convicted criminals from owning firearms are completely reasonable. Gun opponents argue that all guns are dangerous and should be banned, while gun supporters believe that law-abiding citizens have a right to own guns. The plain text of the Second Amendment is pretty clear. The recent "Heller" Supreme Court decision, and the current case of the Chicago gun bans have changed the outlook for gun control laws, and we won't know what the end result will be for some years.

Should gun control have stricter laws?

It's arguable that the current gun control laws in the US are stretching the constitution to the breaking point. Anything much stricter and it would be impossible to maintain the fiction that they're compatible with the 2nd amendment.

How does gun control illustrate continued tension between decentralized and centralized power?

The 2nd amendment gives the right to bear arms. The 2nd amendment is part of the Constitution which means it's more of a "centralized" power. Different states have imposed different regulations on gun control but states still have to meet guidelines made by the federal government. It's like gay marriage; some states have made it legal and some states haven't. It's the same with gun control.