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There is no "gun control" amendment.

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Q: What is the gun control amendment?
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How does gun control relate to the second Amendment?

Gun control has EVERYTHING to do with the 2nd amendment; it's why the amendment was written in the first place!!!!!

What does the Second Amendment say about gun control?

The second amendment doesn't say anything about gun control. It says the people have a right to keep and bear arms.

What does gun control have do with to the 2nd amendment?

The second amendment is the right of United States Citizens to Bear Arms (Own a weapon). Gun Control is controversial because it often is borderline unconstitutional.

What part of the constitution is at the heart of the gun control debate?

The second amendment.

Which amendment causes the most friction between gun control advocates and the National Rifle Association?

The Second Amendment.

Is Liam neeson for gun control?

Seems like he is for gun control but he also understands the 2nd amendment and respects it, which is why he never openly sponsor either side.

Why is the Democratic Party against the Second Amendment?

The Democratic Party is not against the Second Amendment, it is merely for gun control. The idea of gun control is that you shouldn't be allowed to own an AK, because the only reason to own an AK is to kill other people. Republicans usually charge that because Democrats are pro-gun control, that they are anti-second amendment, but those are two different things.

How do republicans feel about gun laws?

Republicans are generally against gun control, at least to the extent where they want less gun control than Democrats.They often feel that:Owning a gun is a right, as it is a form of self defence.Gun control is unconstitutional, as the second amendment says all men have a right to bear arms.Owning a gun may be necessary should there ever be a revolution.Gun control increases crime.Gun control means that only criminals have guns.Owning a gun is patriotic.

Which amendment do you have to have a permit for your gun?

Well, you don't have to "have" any amendment. However, the second amendment is the one that refers to gun ownership.

How does gun control violates the second amendment?

Because it is our second amendment right to be able to have guns, and some people feel that restrictions will prevent people from having guns, thus violating the second amendment.

Which amendment deals with gun ownership?

The Second Amendment

Which Amendment gives you the right to own a gun?

The second amendment.

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