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Jacksonian democracy

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Q: What is the idea of spreading political power to the people and ensuring majority rule was characteristic of what?
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What is tyrannical majority?

a political thing

What is a political supremacy?

An overall majority.

What group describes itself as a political organization with religious goals?

The moral majority has described itself as a political organization with religious goals. The moral majority is comprised of conservative, fundamentalist Christians that have the same political views.

Who are the leaders in the state legislature?

The leaders in state legislatures are:Speaker of the housePresidentLieutenant Governorand The Majority Political Party

Who contributes the majority of money to political campaigns?


What are characteristic of democracy?

democracy is the freedome to vote, run in elections, majority rule, and you get to vote.

Which term is used when referring to the political party with the greatest number of members in the Senate?

The political party with the greatest number of members in the Senate is referred to as the majority party.

Who manages the floor for his or her political party?

It's the Majority Leader

What is a landslide in political races?

an overwhelming majority, not even close

Why do both political parties want to be majority in Congress?


What political party holds the senate majority 2011?


What political party is Nevada?

Democrat...The Democractic Majority leader is from there