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Federal a national budget with funds to support the military, and federal programs. The state budget is only for that state.

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Q: What is the key difference between the federal budget and individual state budgets?
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What is the difference between federal laws and state laws?

State laws are passed by the individual state legislatures, federal law is passed by the US Congress.

How are state budgets different from federal budgets?

State budgets are, by nature, smaller than the Federal budget and are much more specific in their outlay. Federal budget are huge and have a proportionate amount of paperwork associated in providing for the good of the nation.

What congressional committees have the power to cut budgets?

The appropriations committees are the ones that act on federal budgets.

What is the difference between a federal republic and a parlamentary monarchy?

what is the difference between a republic and a monarchy?

What is the difference between a central government and a federal government?

There is no difference between a central government and a federal government. Both of those types of government do the same thing. The only difference is in the name.

Who proposes the budget and who approves the budget for the federal government?

The President proposes and the senate approves federal budgets.

How many balanced budgets had the US Federal Government had?

34 times

What is the difference between a confederation government and a Federal government?

in a federal government, the power is divided between the central and local governments.

What is the difference between federal and provincial?

Federal refers to the entire country or nation, while provincial refers to individual states or regions within a country. In a federal system, power is shared between the central government (federal) and regional governments (provincial). Each province typically has its own government and authority over certain areas such as education and healthcare.

What is difference between federal court and state court?

Only federal courts are established by congress.

What are the three types of federal budgets?

Politics, Policy, and Process. The 3 P's

What is one difference between state and federal courts in the US?

A: Only federal courts handle cases between citizens of different states