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The judicial branch. The Constitution creates the federal judiciary only in the form of the Supreme Court and leaves it to Congress to create any other courts. This is unusual because, the Constitution gives the Supreme Court appellate rather than original jurisdiction in all but certain select matters. If the Supreme Court has only appellate jurisdiction in most matters, where does the appeal come from if there are no trial courts yet created. The powers of Congress are very detailed and the President's fairly detailed, but the Courts powers are not. This was probably because the Framers simply assumed that the judicial power of the federal government would be the same that the common law and chancery courts of England and the states now enjoyed, only that the federal judicial power would be limited to federal questions.

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Q: What is the least detailed branch of government described in thte constitution?
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Which articles of the constitution are the president and vice president in?

The Executive Branch of government, which includes the president and vice president, are described in Article II (2) of the U.S Constitution.

What Constitution describe the branches of the government?

In the articles

What is the part of the constitution that describes each branch of government.?

The Articles of the U.S. Constitution describe each branch of government.

What was the first branch of government discussed in the constitution?

The legilatve branch is the first to be dicussed in the constitution.

The judicial branch is described in which article of the Constitution?

Article III

Where does the branch of government get their powers from?

The Constitution

Which branch of government is the final authority on the Constitution?

Judicial branch

Which branch of the government is the final authority of the constitution?

Judicial branch

What is a list of the three branches of government under the constitution?

The three branches of government under the constitution include the legislative branch, executive branch, and the judicial branch.

Article II of the US Constitution establishes this branch of the federal government?

executive branch of government

Which articles in the constitution outlines the makeup of this branch?

Article I of the Constitution defines the legislative branch of the U.S. government.

What branch of government is given constitution responsibility for the regulations of trade under the US constitution?

legislative branch