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1. The number of Congressmen is based on the population of the state, but each gets at least 1. The states of Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming each have 1.

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Q: What is the least numberof congressmen a state can have?
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How many congressmen are there in the state of California?

California currently has 53 US Congressmen and 80 State Assemblymen.

Times can congressmen be re-elected?

unfortunately, forever, or at least as long as they are alive. I assume you mean the U.S. Congress, not state houses.

The number of congressmen was based on what in Virginia?

The number of congressmen for each state was based on population.

How many congressmen determined in the Virginia plan?

the number of congressmen was to be determined by the population of the state.

How many congressmen doss the state of ma have?

they have 3

How were the congressmen determined in the Virginia Plan?

The Population of the state.

How many congressmen are elected in the state of Wisconsin?


Which top state officials do most states have in common?

I'd say: Senator's, Congressmen, Govorner's, Attorrney Generals, All the States have at least these official's in them, Hope this helped?

Is assemblymen and congressmen the same thing?

Assemblymen are on a local or state level but congressmen are only state or federal.Added: Both are elected officials and serve in the Legislative Branch of their respective governments.

What is the least number of congressmen can a state have?

Every state gets 2 Senators. The number of Representatives is based on population, but each state gets at least one. So three would be the minimum. Vermont, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Delaware, Wyoming and Alaska have the minimum number.

How many Congressmen and women does the state of Arizona have?


How many congressmen does the California state have?

Each state has two Senate and we have 53 representatives.