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by pass chain of command

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Q: What is the legitimate political behavior?
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What is an example of legitimate behavior in organizational politics?

Wearing a protest button

What are the causes of political behavior in organization?

This depends on the type of organization, the type of people in the organization, and what is currently being discussed. Generally, political behavior is directed by certain rules which help to regulate the way decisions are made and implemented. It is because of these rules that behavior tends more toward political rather than looser social interaction.

What is Political Subculture?

Political cultures may be consensual or conflictual on issues of public policy and on their views of legitimate governmental and political arrangements. In a consensual political culture citizens tend to agree on the appropriate means of making decisions and tend to share views of what the major problems of the society are and how to solve these. In more conflictual cultures the citizens are sharply divided, often on both the legitimacy of the regime and solutions to major problems.

What are the conventional and unconventional political activities?

Conventional: Routine political behavior that uses institutional channels and is acceptable to the dominant culture. The most obvious example is that of voting.Unconventional: relatively uncommon political behavior that challenges or defies established institutions and norms. The Civil Rights Movement used unconventional participation to great effect. For example, sit-ins were staged where individuals would peacefully sit until removed, typically by force.

What is the meaning of political power and administrative power as defined by Norton E Long?

As defined by Norton E. Long, political power is the ability for a government to influence its people's behavior. Administrative power is the ability to enforce and change laws.

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How did the Paris Peace Accords affect the Vietcong?

The vietcong became a legitimate political party because of the Paris Peace Accords.

What is an example of legitimate behavior in organizational politics?

Wearing a protest button

A characteristic of individuals that predicts political behavior is called?

Political Predisposition.

How did the Paris accords affect the Vietcong?

the vietcongs became a legitimate political party

What is political illegitimacy?

political illegitimacy a systemof government In political systems where this is not the case, unpopular régimes survive because they are considered legitimate by a small, influential élite

Is political science really ascience?

Yes, political science is considered a social science that involves the study of governmental systems, political behavior, and public policies. It applies scientific methods to analyze political phenomena and understand political processes, making it a legitimate field of academic inquiry.

Define political behavior?

Political behavior refers to the actions and activities individuals engage in to influence the decision-making process within a political system or organization. This can include voting, activism, lobbying, campaigning, and participating in government processes. Political behavior is a key aspect of democracy and governance.

What is a political scientists?

A political scientist is a person who devotes their career to studying the government, politics, as well as the policies of the government.

How does a political ideology relate to political legitimacy?

Political ideologies provide a framework for how political power should be exercised and what constitutes a legitimate government. A government's legitimacy can be influenced by how well it adheres to the principles of a particular ideology, as perceived by its citizens. Different ideologies may have different criteria for what makes a government legitimate, such as democracy, rule of law, or social justice.

How does political factor effect supply of labor?

Q1. How does political factors impact behavior in organization? Q2. How does economical factors impact behavior in organization? Q3. How does social factors impact behavior in organization? Q4. How does technology impact behavior in organization?

Aristotle believed that intoxication was a legitimate excuse for bad moral behavior?

No, Aristotle did not believe that intoxication provided a legitimate excuse for bad moral behavior. He emphasized self-control and moderation as key virtues, and believed that individuals are responsible for their actions regardless of their state of intoxication.

Can police refuse to file a complaint from a citizen that has a legitimate gripe?

Police should not refuse top file a complaint form a citizen who has a legitimate gripe. There are watchdog groups that this behavior can be reported to.