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The answer to this question Shema

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I am the lord your god

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Q: What is the main commandment that became a prayer?
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Do the US Senate and House of Representatives still open each daily session with prayer?

As of August 2014, Congress does open every session with a prayer. The prayer is given the by Chaplain of the United States Senate.

What All of the following have been deemed unconstitutional EXCEPT a. individual private prayer by students. b. recitation of the Lord's Prayer. c. posting the Ten Commandments on the wall of the clas?


What does traditional dancing originally mean to Native Americans?

To dance in prayer.

What purpose was the Christ Redeemer built?

Because the Roman Catholic Church is inundated with idolatry even though God strickly forbids it. Exodus chapter 20 lists the 10 commandments that was written on stone by God's own hand and brought down the mountain by Moses. Christ the Redeemer statue violates the 2nd commandment. In fact the RCC has completely 'erased' the 2nd commandment from the Catholic Bible and split the 10th commandment in to two parts so as not to come up short. Scripture makes it very plain what will happen to anyone that changes the word of God, meaning the bible.

What case said recitation of prayer in school was unconstitutional?

The two cases most relating to school prayer are Engel v. Vitale (1962) andAbington Township School District v. Schempp (1963). The first case originated in NY and ruled that the school board could not require students to the recite a prayer they had written. Such required recitation was a form of state-mandated religion.The second case, filed by a Unitarian couple in Philadelphia, ruled that required school-sponsored reading of the Bible or the Lord's prayer was illegal.

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What main commandment became a prayer?

The main commandment that became a prayer was the Shema.

What is the main commandment in Animal Farm?

The main commandment in Animal Farm is "four legs good, two legs bad" the sheeps didn´t learn to read, due to it the seven commandment was reducet to one.

In the mosque is the main prayer hall inside?

main prayer hall is the clean and sacred area where u offer your prayer(salat).

Where in a synagogue do they pray?

In the main sanctuary. There are no booths or cells for private prayer, all prayer is done in the main auditorium.

What is the main form of worship in Islam?


How is Euthanasia involved with the fifth Commandment?

The meaning of the fifth commandment is: honor your mother and father. Euthanasia is better to ask for it in the sixth commandment which is not to kill. I am aware that when old people became old and sick the Hebrews or Israel took special until death and Euthanasia did not pass to their thoughts.

What became of the Apostle Thomas?

He was martyred while in prayer in India.

What are the two main prayers of the rosary?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe main Catholic prayer is the Most Holy Eucharist; if you had to choose just one short prayer and say it was the main one, than, of course, it would be the Our Father, as that is the prayer that Our Blessed Lord, Himself, taught us.

What does the gold on the prayer shawl stand for?

In general, prayer shawls of traditional orthodox people don't have that gold/silver/white writing on the collar. It's trite (imo). But when it is there it is a decoration, usually embroidered with the blessing recited for the commandment of either wearing the corner fringes (which is the main part of the shawl) on any 4 cornered garment, or the specific commandment/tradition of the prayer shawl itself.

What does the fringe mean on a Jewish prayer shawl?

The fringes or "tsitsit" (ציצית) are knotted in such a way as to symbolize the 613 commandments of the Torah. The commandment to wear fringes is in the Torah.

Do Protestants use statues for prayer?

Not if they're good protestants. Depending on what edition you have, statues for prayer violates either the 2nd or 3rd Commandment. Thou shall not make graven images and bow down and worship them. Some versions forbid even making a pile of rocks.

Which commandment stresses obedience to lawful authority?

The fourth commandment!