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House representatives serve in the lower house of the US legislature. There are 435 of them , each representing a district. These congressional districts are apportioned by population among the states. Every state has at least one district and districts do not cross state lines but otherwise the districts have roughly equal populations.

Revenue bills must originate in the House of Representatives and both houses have to pass any bill for it to become law. There are no term limits for members of Congress.

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Q: What is the main job of house representatives and how many terms can they serve?
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What are the main houses in parlaiment house?

The main house are the House of Representatives and the senate

What is the main difference between a senators term and a represenatives?

Length is the main difference between a Senator's term and a Representative's term. Members of the House are elected by the voters to serve 2-year terms, while Senators are elected to serve 6-year terms.

What is the main color used in the house of representatives Australia?


What is the term length of Representatives and senators?

One term for a member of the House of Representatives is two years. This was set up to get the members of the House of Representatives to act quickly on a matter.It is a two year term of office.

What is the title of the main officer in the US House of Representatives?

John Boehner

What are the two main parts of the US congress?

the senate and the house of representatives

Who assigns members of congress to committees?

The main parties in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Which Constitution amendment decided a two year limit term in office?

The only federal officials who serve a 2-year as representatives to the House. Their term is set in main body of the Constitution and is the same as it was when the Constitution was ratified.

What are the three main parts of legislative branch?

There are 2 not 3 . The Senate and the House of Representatives.

The three main parts of legislative branch?

There are 2, not 3. The senate and the House of Representatives

How many senators and representatives are there in the state of Maine?

The state legislature has 151 state represntatives and 35 state senators. (In the US Congress, the state has 2 Senators and 2 Representatives.)

What is the main job or fuctionof the legislativebranchgoverment?

The main job of the legislative branch is not pass laws. It consists of the house of representatives, and congress.