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The Exclusionary Rule's purpose is to keep certain evidence from being used against you in a criminal trial. Police procedure in gathering evidence against you is heavily dictated by cases interpreting the Fourth Amendment. Evidence gathered in violation of your Constitutional rights is subject to the Exclusionary Rule.

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evidence gained as the result of an illegal act by police cannot be used against the person from whom it was seized

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no object ( evidence) obtained illegally can be used against you in court

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It prevents so-called "tainted" evidence from being introduced against a defendant at trial.

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Q: What is the main purpose of the exclusionary rule?
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What supreme court diminished the scope of the exclusionary rule?

Supreme Court cases diminished the scope of the exclusionary rule?

What supreme court case diminished the scope of the exclusionary rule?

Supreme Court cases diminished the scope of the exclusionary rule?

The exclusionary rule is an example of a rule written?

to protect citizens' rights.

Evidence gained by the police from an illegal act is subject to which rule?

The Exclusionary Rule.

Should the exclusionary rule be abandoned?

Yes, the Exculsionary Rule should be abandoned.

The US Supreme Court has declined to extend the exclusionary rule to searches conducted by whom?

The Supreme Court created an exception to the exclusionary rule for searches conducted by school administrators.

The constitution expressly provides for the exclusionary rule in?

Fourth Amendment

What is the significance of US v Calandra 414 US 338?

grand juries are not held to the same standard in regards to the exclusionary rule as police are... the exclusionary rule deters unlawful police conduct allowing the exclusionary rule for grand juries "unduly" interferes with the duties of the grand jury that are in merits supposed to be quick and effective Holding: The Court holds that the exclusionary rule in search and seizure cases does not apply to grand jury proceedings because the principal objective of the rule is "to deter future unlawful police conduct," and "it is unrealistic to assume that application of the rule to grand jury proceedings would significantly further that goal." Dissent: exclusionary rule protects against "all potential victims of unlawful government conduct"

What is a great introduction to a Reflection Paper?

Probable cause and the exclusionary rule

How is the exclusionary rule used in Jeffery Dahmer's case?

That was not used in this case.

What rule states that if law enforcement does not gather evidence properly it cant be used in a trial?

exclusionary rule

The supreme court has adopted the exclusionary rule to protect citizens from?

illegal searches