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Electronics (from Germany)

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Q: What is the major Russian import?
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What is China's major import?

The major import would be machinery

What is Bulgaria's major import?

Bulgaria's major import is oil and methane gas. Its major trade partners are Germany and Romania.

What are the major import and export of Afghanistan?

Major import: weapons, ammunition, killing machines from the USA. Major export: Opium, morphine.

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What can be concluded about Russian trade?

Russia does not import a great deal of mineral resources.

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When was Russian Major League created?

Russian Major League was created in 1992.

What is the major import of Iran?

A major import of Iran is machinery. Machinery makes up almost 20 percent of their imports. Machinery tools and vehicles are also major imports.

What is a magor import of Pakistan?

The major import of Pakistan is Petroleum, Fats, Electronic accessories and automobiles.

What are India's major import?

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