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The Battle of Tannenberg in August 1914 was a major Russian defeat,over 100,000 troops were taken prisoner by the Germans and an equal number were believed to have been killed and wounded.The Germans also took about 200 artillery pieces with ammunition and other supplies,it was a huge blow to the Russian military.

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Q: Scene of a major Russian defeat by German forces in August 1914?
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Who did Eisenhower defeat?

As Supreme Commander, Allied Forces in Europe during World War II, Eisenhower was responsible for co-ordinating the defeat of the German forces under Adolf Hitler.

What foreign troops helped defeat British forces at Yorktown?


What is the German vermark?

You are meaning "Wehrmarkt" which was the German term for their armed forces during World War II

What is the Ludendorff gamble?

The Ludendorff Gamble probably refers to The Ludendorff Offensive of Spring 1918, also known as the Spring Offensive.Erich Ludendorff was a German Army officer who, with Paul von Hindenburg, assumed supreme command of the German forces in 1916. By 1918 Ludendorff saw that German victory in the First World War had to be obtained before the United States came in. Ludendorff's gamble was that if he mounted a massive assault on the Western Front, he could defeat the Allies before the weight of the United States tipped the balance. The withdrawal of Russia from the war following the Russian Revolution had freed 50 German divisions which could be transferred to the west. The Ludendorff Offensive did realize the greatest advances by either side on the Western Front since 1914, but the Allies ultimately held and the Germans were halted, exhausted and exposed, by August 1918. Ludendorff had lost his gamble and faded from the scene. He briefly reappeared supporting Hitler in the 1920's (another gamble) but ultimately fell out with the Nazis and died quietly in 1937.

Who was swamp fox and what did he do to help the American forces defeat the british redcoats?

he just raped all of them

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Where in Poland was the scene of a major Russian defeat by German forces in August 1914?

It is called the Battle of Tannenberg and was fought on what at the time was German territory. It is now on Poland near Olstyn (Allenstein in German).

Why historians regard the Battle of Stalingrad as the greatest battle?

The Battle of Stalingrad is generally regarded as significant because it was the first major defeat of German forces by Russian forces and marked the end of German expansion into Russian territory .

Did Stalingrad have an effect on America?

Yes , the public became aware that this was the first significant military defeat of a German army by Russian forces .

What village in northeastern Poland scene of a major Russian defeat by German forces in August 1914?

Tannenberg. The actual defeat of the Russians was spread over a large area and the battle was only called after this place because the Poles had defeated the Teutonic Knights at Tannenberg in 1410. Tannenbaum. This is a widely studied battle in which a small part of the German army defeated a much larger Russian force, thus protecting Germany's eastern frontier from a Russian invasion. The bulk of the German army (about 85%) was fighting in France at the time. The German plan was to send most of its army into France and quickly defeat the French army, then race east to defeat the slower-mobilizing Russians. If not for the victory at Tannenbaum, the Germans might have had to pull armies out of France to prevent a Russian invasion into Germany.

Can the us army defeat Russian forces?

We always thought so.

What stopped the killing of the Jews?

the defeat of German forces in 1945

What defeated German forces in russia?

German forces were severely hampered by the harsh Russian winter, which the German army was not prepared for. Also, Russian resistance was greater than expected; this caused the invasion to last until the winter.

What impact did the invasion of Normandy have on war?

it let to the defeat of German forces

What was the effect of Russian forces attacking both Austria and Germany?

After Russian forces attacked both Austria and German more countries got involved in WWI to take down Germany.

What natural forces were instrumental in the defeat of both Napoleon invasion Russian and the German invasion during World War 2?

Both invading armies suffered from the severe Russian Winters . The Germans had to deal with temperatures 50 degrees below zero .

The Battle of Britain was the first major what was it?

Defeat of the German/Nazi forces in WW2.

Who fought Stalingrad?

The Battle of Stalingrad, occurred from August 1942 until February 1943 in the city of modern day Volgograd, Russia. The battle occurred between German forces of the Wehrmacht and Soviet Union forces. The battle was the first significant defeat of German forces in the Soviet Union since their invasion in June 1941.