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Q: What is the major contributions made by Alice Hamilton?
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What did Michael faraday do after he made his major contributions?

Made more major contributions to science. And then he worked for the government, including mine safety, lighthouses, and pollution control.

What are some major contributions the Philistines made?

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Major Contributions of Henry ford?

he made the first car

What empire made major contributions to mathematics literature art and the sciences?

Most empires have had people who made major contributions: The Hellenic, Roman, Chinese, and British Empires have all had mathematicians, authors and scientists and artists.

Who are some famous people who have made major contributions to society?

Florence Nightingale

Who made major contributions on the physiology of development?

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Who made major contributions to the enviromental protection in the early 1900s?

President Lincoln

Major contributions in the field of chemistry made by ancient Greeks?

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Was Alice Eastwood married?

Alice Eastwood never married. She dedicated her life to her work as a botanist and curator at multiple institutions, where she made significant contributions to the field of plant science.

What were some major contributions that the Romans made to future civilizations?

- Architecture - Culture: Literature, Art... - Law/ Governtment: Republic - Christianity

What is the major contributions that the mauryans made to the world?

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What did Alice hamilton discovery?

Alice Hamilton was a pioneering American physician and toxicologist who is best known for her work in the field of occupational health. She made significant discoveries related to the effects of toxic substances on workers in industrial settings, particularly in relation to lead, mercury, and other harmful chemicals. Hamilton's research and advocacy played a crucial role in improving workplace safety standards and promoting the health of workers.