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35 years old just like the president

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Q: What is the minimum age required to become the vice president of the USA chosen from senate?
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Who was chosen to become the first president?

The first official president was George Washington.

How do you become president in Portugal?

You'll have to be in the Portugese Parliament and chosen to run for president.

When was Sam Houston chosen to become the first President of Texas?

On 5 September 1836.

Is the vice president chosen before the president?

The Vice President is chosen before the President.

What college is the president chosen by?

The president is chosen by an electoral college.

How is the president chosen if no candidate wins the required amount of electoral votes in an election?

The House of Representatives elects the President in this case. There is a special procedure for doing this specified in the Constitution.

How can a person become a cabinet?

Cabinet member must be chosen by the president and approved by the Senate. Most cabinet members helped support the president.?æ

What person was chosen by the Confederate Congress to become president of the Confederacy?

Jefferson Davis was chosen as the President of the Confederate States of America and held that post until the CSA lost the American Civil War to the United States of America

How is the president of Malta chosen?

The president of Malta is chosen by the House of Representatives of Malta.

How did the President of Sri Lanka become the leader of Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a democration country.President is chosen through an election.

Where was George Washington chosen to be president?

He was chosen to be president in 2048 at Lincoln elementary in Augusta kansas.......

How did John Roberts become Chief Justice?

He chosen by the usual process specified by the Constitution. He nominated by the President and confirmed by the US Senate.