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Old glory

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Q: What is the nickname for the United State Government?
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What state has the nickname the snowman state?

No state of the United States uses that nickname.

What is the nickname for CA?

The nickname for California is "The Golden State".

What is a nickname for the united state flag?

Old Glory.

What is Washington nickname?

George Washington's nickname was the Father of the United States.

What part of the government has the nickname foggy bottom?

US Dept. of State.

Who runs the United States?

The President, with help of the US government

What is unique about Delaware?

Delaware was the first state to ratify the Constitution of the United States, hence its nickname, "The First State".

What is the north star state?

The nickname 'North Star State' alludes to the fact that Minnesota is the northernmost state in the continental United States.

How many state governments are found in the united stated?

There are fifty state governments in the United States. Each state has its own government that governs from the state capital.50

What is the Central government of the united state?


What is your state's nickname and why?

the nickname of our state is

What state's nickname is the quaker state?

They call it the "Quaker State" in recognition of William Penn's First Frame of Government constitution for the state.