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Someone who is witty is called a wit.

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Q: What is the noun form of witty?
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What noun can be formed from the adjective witty?

The noun form for the adjective witty is wittiness. Another noun form is wit.

What is the abstract noun of adjective witty?

The abstract noun form for the adjective witty is wittiness.The word 'witty' is the adjective form of the abstract noun wit.The noun 'wit' is a word for a natural ability to perceive and understand; intelligence; keen intelligence; a talent for making clever and usually amusing remarks; cleverly amusing remarks; a person noted for making such remarks.

What is the adverb for wit?

The noun wit has the adjective form witty and the adverb for wittily (in a witty fashion).(The related adjective witting has the adverb wittingly, meaning intentionally.)

What part of speech is the word epigram?

The word "epigram" is a noun. It refers to a concise and witty statement or poem.

Maker of witty comments?

A person was makes witty comments may be called a wit. (Note that wit is also an abstract noun).

Is witty an adjective?

Yes, witty is an adjective--a witty person.

What is the possessive of the word wittiness?

As written in the question, 'wittiness' is an abstract noun to the state of being witty, and thus does not have a possessive form. If the writer meant 'witness', the possessive may be written as witness's or witness', both are accepted forms.

What actors and actresses appeared in On Form - 1967?

The cast of On Form - 1967 includes: Dick Emery John Witty as Commentator

What is the noun form of horrible?

The noun form for the adjective horrible is horribleness.

What is the noun form of prosperous?

The noun form of the adjective 'prosperous' is prosperousness.A related noun form is prosperity.

What is the noun form of glaring?

The noun form for the adjective glaring is glaringness. Another noun form is glare.

What is the noun form of imply?

Implication is the noun form of "imply."