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There is no penalty for insulting the President, so long as you do not threaten him. If you interrupted his speech by shouting insults, you might be arrested for disorderly conduct.

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Q: What is the punishment for insulting the us president?
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What does it mean when the president grants freedom from punishment?

The President has the power to pardon federal offenders, which means to free them from punishment.

What can the president issue in order to delay a person's punishment?

A US President can issue a pardon AFTER a person is convicted of a federal offense. However, due to the separation of powers he, as a member of the Executive Branch, cannot stay a Judicial Branch process until such time as the process has run its course and is ultimately concluded and the defendant sentenced.

Does the president determine the punishment for treason?

No, congress determines the punishment for treason

How can the president help get people out of punishment?

To get people out of punishment the president can write help by having the power to grant reprieves and pardons.

What would be the punishment for a president charged with treason?

That is an interesting hypothetical question. Because this has never happened in the United States, it would be up to the US Congress to recommend a punishment and it most certainly would be appealed to the US Supreme Court for a decision. As the US Armed Forces Commander in Chief, the president probably could be sentenced to death if convicted by the Supreme Court for treason.

How many years will you get if you kill a president?

the punishment is death.

Who sets the punishment for trason?

president ROYBOY Simon vato

Is drawn and quartering still a form of capital punishment in us?

Of course not. The US has always prohibited "cruel and unusual punishment".

What physical punishment was abolished in the US navy in the nineteenth century?

Commodore Uriah Philips Levy of the US navy sought to end immoral punishment and harsh practices in the US navy. In 1850 he was able to ban flogging as a punishment for US sailors.

Capital punishment should be abolished in the US?

capital punishment should be abolished in the U.S.

Why our friends are also insulting us?

because they feel jelous of you or they're just going with the croud

What punishment can senates give the president for abusing power?

Impeachment could cause an official or The President forced to leave office.