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I don't know if you can remove dye from the aeslant you may have to pick it off and re-seal.I have a white sink and use comet.

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Q: What is the purpose of consumer rights?
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What does consumer rights mean?

What does consumer rights mean? Answer soon! -Thanks!

What is one drawback to consumer-protection regulations do?

It gives the customer certain additional rights (in addition to their legal rights). For example - goods sold must be fit for the purpose they were designed for.

How ombudsman seek to safeguard the rights of the consumer?

The purpose of the Convention is to promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by all persons with disabilities.

What is consumer rights and exploitation?

Consumer rights refers to the right a consumer has in the market which needs to be protected. Consumer exploitation is when sellers take advantage of the consumers needs.

What consumer fraud lawyers are in our area?

Nationwide Consumer Rights is a law firm located in Chicago and Oak Terrace, Illinois that offers consumer rights protection and services in the Chicago area and all across the United States. The attorneys in the Nationwide Consumer Rights offices have many decades of experience dealing with consumer rights protection.

What are the slogans of consumer rights?

the life you save may be your own dont drink and drive

Where can you obtain consumer rights advice in the United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom Government official website provides information and advice about consumer rights. The Adviceguide website also provides consumer rights advice.

What is the purpose of consumer advocacy groups?

to promote the interest of consumer

What is the purpose if the natural rights?

what is the purpose of the declaration of natural rights

What is the definition of consumer protection council?

A body that protects consumer rights.

What the purpose of advertising?

The purpose of advertising is to increase consumer demand

The purpose of advertising?

The purpose of advertising is to increase consumer demand