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Q: Who added the right to consumer education to the Consumer Bill of Rights?
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The right to consumer education was added to the consumer bill of rights by?

Baho kag bilat

What two additional rights have been added to Kennedy's original consumer bill of rights?

The 4 additional rights that were added to the original Consumer Bill of Rights are the right to satisfaction of basic needs, the right of redress, the right to consumer education and the right to a healthy environment. The 4 original rights are the right to safety, the right to be informed, the right to be heard, and the right to choose.

Why is a specific smell is added to natural gas before it is supplied to the consumer?

So the consumer can see if there is a gas leak. Gas normally has no odor and it thus undetectable.

What is meant of consumer equilibrium?

consumers ability to have equal choices Added: Where a consumer makes choices about how much of a number of goods they will consume to maximise their total satisfaction (Utility).

Why was consumer research added to advertising services?

As the cost of advertising rose, agency clients began to demand results for increasingly expensive ad efforts--in the form of consumer research.

How is the economy affected when the stock market does well?

it improves with added consumer confidence and spending

Who ultimately pays for compliance with government regulations?

The (consumer) of the product. Companies must pass on the added cost of government regulation/compliance to the products they sell or manufacture, therefore the end user will pay the added cost.

Is discount negative?

Discount is negtive for the consumer (i.e for the consumer a discount is the price minus a small part of it. But a discount is considered a "good thing" by the consumer rather than a "bad thing" in the negative sense) For the producer selling the good, a discount is a loss, so it should be "added to their losses".

What is wheel of retailing and its components?

The Wheel of Retailing is an interesting phenomenon that has observed the tendency of retail stores to progressively add to their services. These services are normally motivated and influenced by consumer desires and aimed to increase consumer satisfaction as well as profits. Many stores have begun as discount retailers but have gradually added services in response to consumer demand.

What does value added processing of agricultural products mean?

Value added processing improves functionality of food product to reduce consumer preparation time. It improves the acceptability of foods that are only minimally processed. it also makes the food more shelf stable and creates ultimate convinience .It also minimizes consumer processing

What was a result of railway lines throughout England?

Type your answeD.Thousands of people added to the workforce created a need for more consumer goods.r here...

What are the advantages of premiums as a tool of sales promotion?

It allows additional value to be added to your product or service while enticing the impulse buy pattern of the consumer.