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it help people

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Q: What is the purpose of democratic government?
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The purpose of government in the us is to?

well the purpose of a democratic government is ti represent the people and make the best decision for the people. I'm guessing by saying us you mean the United States of America and the US government is democratic.

When people in a society accept democratic values and agree about the purpose and limits of government?

Social consensus

Where are non-partisan elections found?

In democratic government, they are not to be found, since the purpose of an election is to explicitly allow partisan contestation for control of the government.

Who has the power in a democratic government?

The people have the power in the democratic government.

Is Italy's government a democratic?

Yes Italy's government is a Democratic.

Is India's government democratic?

India has a democratic system of government. It is the largest democratic country in the world.

Does India has a democratic government?

Yes, India has an elected democratic government.

Does Russia have a autocratic oligarchic or democratic government?

It has a democratic government I think

Is Zambia's type of government democratic?

Yes, Zambia has a democratic government.

The united States has what form of government?

The United States government is a democratic republic.

What is the democratic and republican about?

Our Taxes will be lower

What city-state is known for its democratic government?

Athens was known for its democratic government.