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Q: Do you think that democratic government is a better form of government?
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Which form of government is better and why?

democratic government, that is because the leader will be elected by the people and people will be happy then

Why is parliamentary the worst form of government?

There is no evidence that in a democratic country, a parliamentary system is any worse or better than a republic form of government. With the assumption that the democratic country is truly democratic, than its citizens will adapt a form of government best suited to the country's needs.

What form of government did john Locke think was best...?

A Democratic System

How many countries in Africa and Asia do not democratic form of government?

More than 20 countries in Asia and Africa do not have a democratic form of government.

The government of Algeria?

Democratic form of government

What is the form of government of Latvia?

Democratic government.

Which are the countries follow democratic form of government?

The countries are the issue, it is not democratic form

The united States has what form of government?

The United States government is a democratic republic.

What form of government did Greeks have?


What form of government did the greek have?


What form of government did the jacobins form?

A democratic repulic.

How does a democratic form of government function?

It is a form of government that is based on the people's say.