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The regulatory commission that oversees publicly traded companies is the Securities and Exchange Commission or better known by it's initials the "SEC." The SEC was formed in 1934 to enforce the Securities Act of 1933. The SEC is an independent regulatory agency that is to regulate the Stock Market and prevent corporate abuses regarding to the selling and buying securities. Most of the abuses that the SEC attempts to tackle is called "Insider Trading," where a member of the Board of Directors or an employee of the company attempts to sway the market for his or his own personal gain by using information that is not public. The SEC was created to overt another 1929 market crash. Corporations are required to file reports annually to the SEC.

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Q: What is the regulatory commission tasked with the oversight of publicly traded companies?
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Who is responsible for setting auditing standards for audits of publicly-traded companies?

PCOAB Public Company Accounting Oversight Board

What is the Central Index Key and describe?

The CIK is an identification code assigned by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to corporations and individuals identified on regulatory filings. These are generally publicly traded U.S. corporation and their owners.

What is the difference between reporting and non reporting entities?

A "non-reporting" entity refers to companies whose stock is publicly traded but which is exempt from reporting to the Securities & Exchange Commission. Usually these companies report publicly by posting financial information on the OTC Markets website voluntarily. These postings, however, are not subject to audit requirements or more generally to SEC reporting requirements. A "reporting" entity refers to companies whose stock is publicly traded and must file financial and other information with the Securities & Exchange Commission.

Are there any Publicly traded construction companies?

Are there any publicly traded construction companies?

How many publicly traded companies are in the US and the world?

Worldwide, according to a source at Bloomberg LP (which provides news on publicly-trade companies to the financial sector), there are about 63000 publicly-traded companies. There are roughly 15000 publicly traded companies in the US, of which about 1/3 are traded on exchanges and the other 2/3 traded in various over-the-counter markets.

Are insurance companies publicly traded?

most are

Computer companies whose company is traded publicly?

Dell and Compuware are two that are publicly traded.

Can you only buy stock in publicly held companies?


What is a business called that is owned by stockholders?

public answer #2 Public implies that the stock of the company is available to the general public on an exchange somewhere. Many companies are privately or closely held and a very small group own the stock its not for sale publicly. This is common in family businesses, family farms and other businesses. If a company chooses to be publicly traded thee are a number of reporting and regulatory requirements that must meet.

How many publicly listed companies go broke each year?

The number of publicly listed companies that go bankrupt each year can vary. On average, in the US, about 100 to 200 publicly traded companies file for bankruptcy annually. This number can be influenced by various factors such as economic conditions, industry trends, and company-specific issues.

What is statutory report?

Regulatory requirements that mandate reporting of financial and non-financial information to varied government agencies is called statutory reporting. IAS, IFRS, Basel II, and Sarbanes-Oxley are just some of the better-known examples of the regulatory compliance's. Each industry has its own additional set of statutory reporting laws and regulations. Bankers and insurance companies have numerous fiscal filing requirements in each state in which they do business. Publicly held companies have additional sets of SEC reporting requirements that must be met.

How often do publicly traded companies announce their earnings?

Every Three Months