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The senate must give its approval by a two-thirds vote of the members present.

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Q: What is the senate's role in treaty making?
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Do executive agreements require the senates approval?

No it does not only a treaty

What is the senates role during an impeachment trail?


What is the primary constitutional principle exemplefied by the US senates rejection of a treaty?

Checks and balences

What is the Senates role to the vice president?

To take over the president if he dies.

Why did the senates reject the treaty of Versailles's?

The senators differed slightly on how the United States should participate in world affairs.

What was the result of the U.S. Senates refusal to approve the treaty of Versailles?

Please explain to me what "rsquos" means so I can provide an answer.

How did Wilson help bring about the senates rejection of the treaty?

Wilson ordered the democrats to vote " nay" for a version of the treaty requiring a joint resolution from the House and the senate to join the League of Nations. :)

What action was consistent with the senates decision to reject the treaty of Versailles?

President Harding made a separate peace with Germany to end the war.

What is the Senates purpose?

Explained by James Madison, the Senate's role is to protect the people against their rulers.

What is the Senates role in treaties?

The senate must give its approval by a two-thirds vote of the members present.

What role would the treaty of waitangi play in the future?

The treaty would play a big role in the future .

Why did many senators consider Julius Caesar a threat?

He was making himself too powerful, and making the senates less powerful. He would give the lower class of Romans what they wanted so they would vote for him. Senates became very angry and stabbed him 27-37 times.