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They're at least worth their weight in silver.

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Q: What is the value of 1977 sterling silver president coins?
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What is the Value of a sterling silver dime from 1953?

US circulation coins prior to 1965 were made of coin silver, not sterling silver. Coin silver has more copper in it for hardness, so that the coins wouldn't wear out as fast.

What is the value of a1946 sterling silver quarter?

US silver coins were made from coin silver (.900 fine), not sterling silver (.925 fine).Please see the Related Question for more information.

What is the melt value of Longines Symphonette sterling coins?

1.3 oz of silver, if silver is 40.00 a oz, the medal is worth 53.20

What is the value of a First Edition set of Sterling Silver coins for the Man's History of Law?

The value of a First Edition set of Sterling Silver coins for the Man's History of Law can vary depending on the condition of the coins, their rarity, and the current market demand. It is recommended to consult with a reputable coin dealer or a numismatic expert to get an accurate valuation.

How much is a 1946 Great Britain Farthing on a sterling silver chain worth?

Modified coins have no collector value.

What is the value of Libra astrology coin from the Franklin Mint?

If you have the Sterling Silver version (says Sterling on the edge) figure roughly the melt value of 1 oz. of silver - $10-$15. ::further contribution:: Actually, the sterling silver Roberts Zodiac coins have no sterling content marking whatsoever. In terms of value, it depends on whether or not you have the mini coin or the large size. The large coin is 7/8 oz silver.

America in space sterling silver set value?

Sterling Silver Set Value: $225

Is sterling silver worth a lot of money?

Because sterling silver is an alloy, most of the value in the object. There are calculators for the melt value of sterling silver. In August 2016, the value was $15.52 per troy oz.

Is nickel silver same value as sterling silver?

No, nickel silver and sterling silver are not the same value. Sterling silver is a precious metal composed of 92.5% silver, while nickel silver is an alloy of nickel, copper, and zinc that does not contain any silver. Sterling silver is typically more valuable than nickel silver.

Is the silver value of any Australian coin worth more than the nominal value?

Silver Australian coins were first issued in 1910 and were made from sterling silver which has a 92.5% silver content. This changed from 1946 onwards and the silver content was reduced to 50%. No Australian general circulation coin has had any silver content since 1966, except for the round 1966 50 cent coin. The silver content of the older predecimal coins possibly values the coins at more than face value, however, if the coins are in good condition, the collector value may be higher.

What is the value of the set of 50 coins Founding Fathers in its original case. Sterling silver and 24 karat gold plated issued by Franklyn Mint.?

The value is only for the silver, unless you find someone that wants it. This stuff has no numismatic value.

What is the value of 36 Peter Scott silver bird medals?

As of today, May 4th 2012 spot price of Silver is roughly £20 , or $30. These are sterling .925, and weigh 2oz each. 36 coins x 2oz = 72 x £20 = £1440. Unfortunately these coins carry no premium, and because they are sterling .925, and not pure silver, you are looking at £1350.