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Date, Mint mark and Motto

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Q: What is written on the side of presidential dollar?
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How much is a 2007 D presidential coin with in god we trust on the side worth?

It's worth one dollar.

How can you get a presidential dollar?

You can get them at the bank.

What is the latest presidential dollar issued?

The Presidential Dollar series coins are made of a brass alloy which gives them a golden appearance although they contain no gold at all. The current released Presidential Dollar is that of John Tyler which was issued on May, 21, 2009. The next Presidential Dollar will be that of James K. Polk and it is scheduled for release on August 20, 2009.

What does the 1964 Kennedy half dollar have on it?

All Kennedy halves have the same design. Obviously JFK's image is on the obverse side. The reverse side has a stylized version of the Presidential Seal.

What is the value of a Presidential dollar?

One Dollar. They are being minted for circulation.

US dollar 2009 presidential coin?

It's a circulating coin, a dollar

What is the current value of Andrew Johnson 2011 gold dollar coin?

The current face value of all presidential dollar coins is $1. Remember, they're brass, not gold. Presidential dollar coins minted at Philadelphia and Denver are worth a dollar even if they are uncirculated. Proof-quality presidential dollar coins minted at San Fransisco are worth $3.

What presidentsare on a dollar and a coin?

Washington is on the one dollar bill, quarters and the first Presidential 2007 dollar coin.

What is the value of a 1849 1850 Zachary Taylor 1 dollar coin?

As the value written on the coin suggests, it's worth one dollar. It's part of the presidential dollar coin series. Taylor was the 12th President, and the coin was minted in 2009.

How much are gold presidential coins?

One dollar.

What are Presidential dollars worth?

One dollar each.

What is the value of a one dollar president gold coin?

All modern presidential dollar coins are worth one dollar.