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The George Washington dollar coin was the first of the Presidential dollar series. It was minted in 2007.

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Q: When was the George Washington dollar coin minted?
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How much is a us dollar coin George Washington worth?

The George Washington dollar was minted in 2007, and is currently worth one dollar.

What is a george Washington 1789 1797 1 coin worth?

1789-1797 are the years Washington was President. The coin was minted in 2007 and is worth one dollar.

What coin depicts the earliest presicent?

There are two commonly circulating coins which represent George Washington, American's first president, first is the Washington quarter and second is the Washington dollar minted for the presidential dollar coin series.

How much will a 1789 George Washington dollar sell for?

$1. It's an ordinary circulation coin. Also, it's not gold, just brass. More Information: There was no George Washington dollar minted in 1789. The only coin honoring Washington that could have possibly been minted in that year was an undated one cent coin with a head on both sides. This was probably the only legal 2 headed coin to circulate in the US.

What is the dollar George Washington coin worth?

One Dollar.

What year was George Washington on the dollar coin?


Who is on the US quarter dollar coin?

George Washington

Was George Washington on the first dollar coin?

no c:

What is the George Washington one dollar coin worth?

One dollar.

What is the George Washington dollar coin?

The George Washington "golden dollar" (actually made of brass, as was the Sacajawea coin) was minted as the first coin in the Presidential dollar series mandated in 2005. The Washington coin was issued in 2007 and the coins featuring subsequent US Presidents will be issued through 2016. Every President will have a coin, provided they have been deceased for 2 years on the scheduled date of issue. As of 2012, the coins are being produced only for collectors, and not for circulation, due to a huge surplus of the coins (which includes some Sacajawea dollar coins).

Who invented the first US dollar coin?

George Washington

How much is dollar coin with george washington worth?