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it forced colonists to accept British soldiers into their homes

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Q: What items were taxed during the quartering act?
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What was passed in 1765 name 8 items which were taxed?

The Stamp Act was passed in 1765. Some taxed items were:paperstampsteanewspapersletterscardsdicepamphlets

Was the Quartering Act enacted before or after the French and Indian War?

Yes, the Stamp Act was passed in March and the Quartering Act in June.

Did the Quartering Act make colonists angry?

Yes because they had to pay or take sides

What were the first two items the British taxed in the colonies?

There was the Stamp Act and the Town Shed Act.

Was the navigation act after the quartering act?

no the navigation act was before the quartering act

What do the four items have in common Boston port act administration of justice act Massachusetts government act quartering act?

The colonists called them the Intolerable Acts.

What came first the stamp act declaratory act or the quartering act?

the quartering act

What did the colonist do for the Quartering act?

The quartering act was a law during the revolutionary war that said colonists had to allow soldiers to live in their homes and provide all their necessities such as food.

What was the most disliked decisions of King George III toward the Americans?

He taxed the colonists which led to the Boston Tea Party, and he created the Quartering Act.

Which British act in the American colonies required colonists to harbor British soldiers?

Quartering Act

Name 2 items that were taxed under the sugar act?

wine and tea

What were some of the taxed items in the sugar act?

Obviously, sugar was one of the things taxed in the sugar act. But other things such as molasses, select wines, cloth, and some coffee were taxed because they did not come from the colonies.