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Hobbes wanted a strong government monarchy.

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Q: What kind of government did Hobbes want?
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What kind of animals is hobbes in the comic strip Calvin and hobbes?

Hobbes is a tiger .

What experience caused thomas hobbes and john Locke to think about what kind of government is best?

The British revolution

What kind of animalsis hobbes in the comic strip 'Calvin and hobbes?

Hobbes is a stuffed Bengal tiger .

Which philosopher believed in strong government control?

Thomas Hobbes for one

What kind of animal is Hobbes in comic strip 'Calvin and Hobbes?

He is a stuffed tiger .

What ideas of government were introduced by hobbes in leviathan?

Hobbes presented three types of government monarchy, aristocracy, and democracy. He argued that monarchy was the best.

What did hobbes and Locke agree and disagree about with regard to government?

Hobbes and Locke both agreed that government is necessary to maintain order and protect people's rights. However, they disagreed on the nature of government. Hobbes believed in a strong, centralized government to prevent chaos, while Locke advocated for a limited government with power derived from the consent of the governed.

Why did Hobbes feel that an absolute government was best?

He felt that a Unliminted Government was best because, Hobbes wanted absolute power.- Therefore him wanting to be a monarchy.

Which type of government did thomas hobbes prefer and why?

Hobbes wanted a strong government monarchy.

What kind of government did Spain want for Mexico?

what kind of government did mexico have when spain controlled them

What were some beliefs on government for thomas hobbes?


How did hobbes and differ in their views on the role of the government?

Hobbes states that government is essential because it pulls society away from the natural state. Locke disagrees with Hobbesetc.~221BAB