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The drafting of the 1861 constitution of Texas was begun because of the attempted succession from the Union by Texas. The new constitution was established under the Confederate States of America.

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Q: What led to the drafting of the 1861 constitution?
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How did Madison contribute to the drafting of the us constitution?

Father of the Constitution.

When was the confederate constitution adopted?

The Confederate Constitution was enforced on March 11, 1861. The Confederacy also operated under a Provisional Constitution from February 8, 1861 to March 11, 1861.

What issuses the largest and smallest states didnot agree wen they were drafting the US constitution?

On what issues thee largest and smallest states did not agreewhen they were drafting the US constitution?

How slavery was handled during the drafting of the us constitution?

During the drafting of the US Constitution, slaves were ignored basically. They were "possessions". The Constitution dealt with citizens rights and responsibilities to their government (and vice versa), but "possessions" do not have rights.

What led to the first continental congress?

The drafting of the declaration of independence did

Who is the only Muslim member of drafting committee?

It depends entirely on what they were drafting, be it a constitution, architectural plans, a novel, a research paper, etc.

Who is the father of the constitucion?

The father of the Constitution is known as James Madison. This is because he was known to have an important role in drafting the Constitution and revising the Constitution.

What role did DrAmbedkra play in the making of the Indian Constitution?

BR Ambedkar was the Chairman of the Constituent Assembly's most important committee the drafting committee. As law minister in Nehru's first cabinet and chairman of the drafting committee,he had the basic responsibility of drafting and piloting India's present Constitution.

When drafting the constitution the framers were careful to create a government that did not?

concentrate powers.

What were motivations for drafting the bill of rights?

It was to protect the rights not specified in the constitution

Who proposed the preamble before the drafting committee of the constitution?

Jawaharlal Nehru

What delegate plays an instrumental role in the drafting of the constitution?

James Madison