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Canada's purchase of the prairie provinces from the Hudson's Bay Company did not really take into account the inhabitants of that territory. Since the Maritime provinces and British Columbia were colonies, their populations were consulted before they joined the new confederation. The First Nations and Métis, along with those fur traders living in HBC forts through the prairies and the NWT were not consulted - it was a land purchase. The North West Rebellion was the reaction of one community at what to them was a takeover of their land without any consultation or chance to accept or reject terms.

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Q: What lessons emerged from the 1885 Northwest Rebellion?
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What happen in 1885 in Canada?

the northwest Rebellion with Louis Riel

William Henry Jackson what did he do in 1884-1885?

look up William Henry Jackson on wikipedia (make sure it in the Jackson in the Northwest Rebellion) Pretty much in 1885 there was the Northwest Rebellion and Jackson was a leader with Louis Riel in it. The Northwest Rebellion is about the Metis trying to keep their rights, land and the survival of themselves.

Who led the Metis in the Red River Rebellion of 1870 and the Northwest Rebellion of 1885?

Louis Riel was the most vocal leader or spokesman, though there were other leaders in both rebellions.

What came first the North West Rebellion or the Red River Rebellion?

The Red River Rebellion occurred from the fall of 1869 to the summer of 1870. The Northwest Rebellion occurred in the spring and early summer of 1885.

What year did Riel Rebellion take place?

There were actually two uprisings led by Louis Riel in what are now Manitoba and Saskatchewan: The Red River Rebellion of 1869 and the Northwest Rebellion of 1885.

How long did the Northwest Rebellion last?

The insurrection by the Metis in Canada lasted from March 26 to May 12, 1885.

Where did the first clash of the Northwest Rebellion begin?

The North-West Rebellion began in 1885 by the Metis people ofÊ District of Saskatchewan, Canada against the government of Canada because they believed their rights as indiginous poeple were not being protected.

What was the rebellion of 1885?

it was how to fix a sports car in 1967

When did North-West Rebellion happen?

North-West Rebellion happened on 1885-03-26.

Who were the leaders of the north west rebellion of 1885?

Dumont, Riel, and Jackson where the main leaders of the NWR of 1885.

What has the author AI Silver written?

A.I Silver has written: 'The North-West Rebellion' -- subject(s): Riel Rebellion, 1885

What happened to Louis riel after red river rebellion?

After the Red River Resistance, Louis Riel spent most of the following 15 years in the USA. He was elected to the House of Commons three times, but was never allowed to take his seat. In 1885, he returned to lead the Northwest Rebellion, after which he was tried for treason, found guilty, and hanged.