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Usually local government.

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Q: What level of government uses money collected from taxes to pay for fire and police protection?
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What Level of government is responsible for police and fire services?

What level of government is responsible for Police and Fire services

What level of government provides police and fire protection?

In the US it can be private, local, county, state, or federal

Which level of government is responsible for local police?

The state government.

The police chief works in which level of government?

The police chief typically works at the local level of government, within the police department of a municipality or county.

What level of government do police officers work in?

Law Enforcement agencies are part of the Executive Branch of government.

Are police officers federal?

There are police officers at every level of government. Federal, state, county, city and agencies all can have sworn police officers.

What are 3 areas of responsibility or service provided by each level of government and one tax collected by each level?

Luzon , Visayas , at Mindanao...... Sana makatulong ito.....

Which level of government employs property tax?

Property tax is collected by your Town ( or similar like township or city), County and State governments.

What level of government Federal State City County does each law enforcement agency work for 1 State Police 2 Sheriff 3 FBI 4 City Police?

Police can work for a state, county, or city. At the federal level the FBI is a law enforcement agency. The State Police works in that specific state. Each State has their own State Police Divisions. Sheriff is County level. City Police is local.

What is law and public safety?

Law is a set of rules that are meant to be followed by a community, state or country. Public safety is a level of action where the police or the military will provide protection for the civilians.

What level of government is responsible for dealing with animal cruelty?

It is those that take part in it that are responsible for it, not any level of government. If there is legislation against it in your country then it could be local or national. You would need to check the specifics where you live.

What percentage of UK population have guns?

Very few ! Apart from the police and special protection services, the level of legal gun ownership is less than 1 percent of the UK population.