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The term "Holy" was used by emperor Frederick Barbarossa in the 12th century as a response to the pope who technically called the emperor one of his vassals. The emperor on the other hand felt himself as highest sovereign on earth.

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Q: What made the Holy Roman Empire holy?
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Why was Rome empire divided into two sections?

When the emperor died he had two sons. Because when a man died, his belongings would go to his sons, the empire was divided in two halves. Each son of the roman emperor got a halve of the empire. If he would have had 3 sons, it would have been divided in 3 parts.

What are foreign soldiers serving for pay?

They were the socii or foederati (allies). They were conquered peoples who made or were forced to make military alliances with Rome and supplied troops. These were the auxiliaries, troops which supported the Roman legions and supplied the bulk of the cavalry. The auxiliaries were paid less than the Roman legionaries. Over time the Romans also relied on foederati from outside the empire. In northern Gaul, military units of the Batavians, a branch of the Franks from Holland, fought with the Romans. In the late empire the Romans substantially relied on Germanic foederati, particularly Visigoths who had been allowed to settle in the empire by emperor Valens. Some of the Germanic peoples who invaded the western empire, such as the Burgundians and the Vandals, were temporarily Roman foederati. These kinds of foederati were paid in the form of tributes paid to their leaders, rather than pay for the soldiers. There were also Germanics which joined the Roman army and received an auxiliary's wage.

What did the roman army do in peacetime?

Roman army was a set of land-based military force which was employed by the Roman Empire, as part of the Roman military. Roman Army was made up of around 179,200 men. They were mostly at war. However, in times of peace, they continued with daily trainings for maintaining their fitness. They would practice running, fencing, javelin throwing, military drill practice etc. They were also involved in Weapon practicing. Apart from the necessary military trainings, they also practiced swimming, horse riding etc. They were also involved in labor work when required.

What was the result of the crusade of kings?

Islam, The city of Constantinople has been sacked and Western Crusader has become suspect of the fall of Byzantium

What were some of the main causes for the decline and fall of the Roman Empire as governed by Rome?

Most historians mark the year of 476 AD as the end of the Roman Empire. It took almost 200 years of decline however before the last Emperor in Rome, Romulus Augustus, went into exile. This effectively ended Imperial Rome. The first 500 years of Rome's dominance began as a republic and beginning with Augustus Caesar, the transition from republic to empire began. The decline charted by historians began as late as 300 AD. Because no new lands were being conquered, no new farmlands and the taxation of them slowed down. This also snowballed into a difficult situation as no new slaves from conquered lands were available for either agricultural or industry work. For all practical purposes slavery was the base of Roman prosperity. The economic decline resulted in a deflation of the currency and thus without new monies, enterprise development declined. The Imperial government tried to "fix" things but only made matters worse. Regulation of the Roman economy by freezing prices and wages was a failure. Equally important was the lack of a stable government. Corruption ran rampant and government changes in economic policy were impossible to be implemented.Without new lands to conquer and to seize booty from them & in conjunction with significant inroads into Roman lands by various barbarian peoples, the empire's ability to protect its borders failed to meet its once invincible powers. The Roman legions, the last hope of maintaining the empire were without strong leadership and many legions were populated by non Romans. German tribes as example made up a good portion of Rome's northern borders.

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What was the day and year that Charlemagne was made protector of the church and leader of the Holy Empire?

Charlemagne was crowned emperor of the Romans in 800. However, he was the leader of what historians call the Carolingian Empire, not the Holy Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire started in 936 with Otto I.

What or who made Martin Luther an outlaw in the Holy Roman Empire?

He was excommunicated (out lawed), it was the papacy that did it.

Is Austria still called the Holy Roman Empire?

Not anymore. But The Holy Roman Empire was made of what is now: Poland, Switzerland, Austria, parts of France, Germany and Italy and lasted from 962 AD to 1806 AD, when it was dissolved by Napoleon I

What did the eastern half of the Roman Empire convert to?

The Emperor Constantine, who was the ruler of the eastern empire, converted to Christianity and made it the state religion. This began the Holy Roman Empire.

The concordat of worms made this position one of the most powerful in the world?

The position of Pope of the holy Roman empire.

Who was the crusaders?

The Crusaders were the attacking religiously sanctioned groups in the Crusades. The Crusaders were mostly made up of Franks from medieval France and the Holy Roman Empire. They were trying to restore Christian authority in the Holy Land.

How did charlemagne's empire become holy roman empire?

The term Holy Roman Empire was created by Otto I, the King of the Germans who reestablished the empire in 962, 74 years after the fall of the Carolingian Empire. This empire had fallen apart and West Francia, East Francia and Italy became separate kingdoms. Otto defeated the Magyars (Hungarians) ending their incursions into Western Europe. With the prestige that came from this, he established a firm control over fractious Germany. Fights fights between its princes had previously made royal authority weak. Otto then conquered the kingdom of Italy, which reestablished the empire. The Holy Roman Empire did not include West Francia, which remained separate.

What nations made up the hold roman empire?

The Holy Roman empire was comprised of today's Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, parts of Poland, Northern Italy, Eastern France, and the Baltic states.

Who split the roman empire into two parts in ad 330?

Constantine split the Roman Empire into the Holy Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire. It should be noted however that the emperor Diocletian (284-305 AD ) made this easier as he was the first to divide the empire into two parts, a western and eastern empire to be ruled separately. The emperors who followed Constantine, Julian and Theodosius I, made permanent the division of the Roman Empire into an eastern and western half.

Why was 325 AD important to the concil of nicaea?

Formulated which books are to be part of bible,the language of the trinity,and made the roman church official church of.the holy romsn empire

Who made the emperor the most powerful figure in the holy roman empire and removed numerous popes from office?

The "Holy Roman Emperors" were never powerful. The Pope decided to declare Charlemagne (Karl der Grosse, Carolus Magnus) emperor and put a crown on his head, possibly against Charles's desire. His power was because he was king of the Franks, a german tribe ruling what is now France and parts of Germany and the Netherlands. His successors carried the title Roman Emperor but never had the powers of the old Roman emperors. And for the whole period they were even influential they disputed their powers over Europe with the popes. Usually the popes had more power. Within the so-called empire other rulers had the real political and military power. The last Holy Roman Emperor became emperor of Austria when Napoleon declared the title ended saying the empire was neither holy, roman nor an empire.

What are the accomplishments of Henry IV Holy Roman Emperor?

He made unicorns real and fuzzy.