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pigeon hole

I know its right.

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Q: What means placing 'aside a bill in committee'?
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What happens to a bill when the committee thinks it is not worthy?

The bill is tabled, or set aside.

When a standing committee sets aside a bill and no longer considrs it the bill has been?


What does it mean to pigeon hole legislation?

The term "pigeonholing" is used to mean that a committee will ignore a pending bill by placing it aside, as if in a cubbyhole. The term comes from the small compartments used for domesticated pigeons when they are nesting. Another modern synonym is to "bottle up" a bill in committee. (see related questions)

This action of a committee puts a bill aside for no further action?


What is it called when you set aside a bill in the committee?


Is setting aside a bill in committee called pigeonholing?

When a congressional comittee pigeonholes a bill, the bill is ignored and forgotten.

What does reporting a bill mean?

means a committee has made no changes to the text of the bill as introduced.

What does it mean when a committee tables a bill?

In U.S. parliamentary procedure, it means that the deliberative body has ended discussion of a resolution In non-U.S. parliamentary procedure it means that the body has taken up discussion of a resolution.

What major committee in the House can report a bill directly to the floor without going through the rules committee?

Ways and Means

What is pigeonholing in the government?

Pigeonhole means is not letting a bill pass through a committee onto the legislative floor.

What was on-its-toes committee that considers a bill?

a committee considers the bill's

If a bill is said to die in committee it means that the bill?

The bill does not make it to the next stage and therefore has no chance of being signed into law