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The non- state with electoral votes is the District of Columbia (DC)

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Washington D.C

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Q: What non-state has electoral votes?
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When electoral winners are not the same as electoral votes?

FL has 27 electoral votes FL has 27 electoral votes

How many states can a candidate win and still lose the election?

When referring to the Electoral College and Presidential elections, a candidate can win by taking: California (55 electoral votes) Texas (28 electoral votes) Florida (29 electoral votes) New York (29 electoral votes) Illinois (20 electoral votes) Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes) Ohio (18 electoral votes) Georgia (16 electoral votes) Michigan (16 electoral votes) New Jersey (15 electoral votes) Virginia (14 electoral votes) - a total of 11 states for 270 electoral votes which means a candidate can lose the other 39 states and District of Columbia and still win the election.

Which state has more electoral votes Kansas or Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania currently has more electoral votes with 20 electoral votes to Kansas' 6 electoral votes.

How many electoral votes does have Alabama have?

Alabama has 9 electoral votes.

What is the number of electoral votes?

270 electoral votes

What type of votes actually elect the president-?

Electoral votes are the type of votes that actual elect the president.

Did John McCain or Barack Obama get more electoral votes?

Barack Obama received more electoral votes, receiving 365 electoral votes to John McCain's 173 electoral votes (out of a total of 538), a difference of 192 electoral votes

Has Louisiana gained or lost electoral votes in the last 25 years?

Louisiana had 10 electoral votes 1912-1988, 9 electoral votes 1992-2008, and 8 electoral votes 2012-2020. The 2024 electoral votes will be based on the results of the 2020 U.S. Census.

How many total electoral votes do you have to get?

you have to get 270 electoral votes to win

How many electoral votes does Delaware have?

Delaware has 3 electoral votes.

How manny electoral votes does California have?

California has 55 electoral votes.

What are the electoral votes of Virginia?

Virginia has 13 electoral college votes.