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The Federalist Party was the first American political party, from the early 1790s to 1816, the era of the first party system, with remnants lasting into the 1820s.

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Q: What party favored the state government over the federal?
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What political party favors a strong federal government?

In the 1790's Alexander Hamilton and the Federalist Party favored a strong centralized federal government and wanted the individual states to ratify the constitution, even though it meant the states had to give up some of their powers to the federal government.

Did the north favor state government or national government?

The North favored National Government and the South favored State Government.

This type of political party supported a strong central government?

While it was not a political party in the idea of political parties today, those who opposed the Jeffersonian Democratic-Republicans (first political party) favored a strong federal (national) government and weak state governments. They took the name "Federalists" as that was the name given to the people who had supported ratification of the U.S. Constitution.

Hamiltonians v Jeffersonians?

Hamiltonians or High Federalists were a faction within the Federalist Party that supported Alexander Hamilton's economic programs. Jeffersonians were a faction within the Democratic-Republican that supported Thomas Jefferson's foreign programs. Hamilton favored a strong federal government while Jefferson favored a strong state govenment.

When should it be ok for a state government to overrule the federal government?

It isn’t ok for state government to overrule a federal government. The federal is above the state.

Under federalism which level of government has concurrent powers?

Both state and federal government

The majority of the reforms advocated by the Populist Party were?

The majority of reforms advocated by the Populist Party were incorporated into laws by either the state or federal government.

That the American system favored federal control or what was called big government?

Yes, the American system does favor federal control or big government to some extent. The federal government has authority over certain aspects, such as national defense, foreign policy, and interstate commerce. However, the system also allows for some power to be vested in the states through the principle of federalism, where they have control over issues like education, public health, and criminal justice. It is a balance between federal control and state autonomy.

As a Democratic-Republican Thomas Jefferson favored?

Hi Andrew Pereza. a strong federal government,a national bank, and protective tariffs.b. strong state governments, state banks, and free trade.c. strong state governments, state banks, and protective tariffs.d. a weak federal government, a national bank, and no choose your answer!

why federal or state government checkmate the local government?

federal government

What was Jefferson's attitude toward government?

he favored state goverments

To what political party marshall belong to?

Chief Justice John Marshall was a member of the Federalist party who believed most power should reside with the federal government. He generally opposed state sovereignty, and invariably ruled in favor of the federal government in disputes against the states.