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Accept. " Believe in " has connotations that do not fit the rational mind well.

I have heard a range of figures. Many fence sitters and theist evolution types here. Anywhere from 14% to 25% of the US population accepts evolutionary theory.

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Q: What percentage of Americans believe in evolution?
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What percentage of Americans believe in aliens?

75% of peolple believe it.

What percentage of Americans believe they are treated with respect?

30% of Americans believe they are not being treated with respect.

How many Americans believe in evolution?

Contrary to the previous answer that was apparently pulled out of thin air (49%), 25% do not believe in evolution one way or another, while 36% have no opinion on the matter. 39% of Americans believe in evolution, with a majority of them being nonreligious or liberally-leaning. SOURCE:

What percentage of the world are creationists?

I don't think that you could accurately determine the percentage. There are those that believe in creation and those that believe in evolution. A large part of those that say they believe in creation also believe in evolution to some degree. If you are taking a count of who believes what, put me down for creation with no evolution.

How did the idea of evolution affect Americans' ideas about wealth?

They began to believe that wealth was a sign of "survival of the fittest."

How did idea of evolution affect Americans ideas about wealth?

They began to believe that wealth was a sign of "survival of the fittest."

Why don't Americans believe in evolution?

That is somewhat of an over-generalization, because many Americans do believe in Darwin's theory of evolution, but there are certainly a great many who don't. Evotution is seen by some people as competing with the bible. The bible says that God created life (apparently by magic) and evolution describes a different way that life could have come into existence without requiring divine intervention. Fundamentalist Americans prefer the bible to science.

What is the percentage of americans who believe in the existance of ghosts?

The answer is actually 37%. Since 2007, more people have started to believe in ghosts.

What percentage of people believe in ghost?

48% of Americans believe in ghosts, 62% are skeptical.So 110% of Americans have an opinion regarding the existence of ghosts?

How can you believe in evolution and god?

You can believe evolution was caused by God and he controls it.

What percentage of the world believes in evolution?

According to a 2021 survey by the Pew Research Center, about 54% of people worldwide believe in evolution. However, acceptance of evolution varies widely across countries and regions.

You do not want to change though you believe in evolution?

I do not ' believe ' in evolution, but I am convinced by the evidence.