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Sacajawea is on the golden dollar

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Q: What person is on money but not a president?
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Why would a person want to be a president?

For power, fame and money.

Was there any other person that is on a bill that was not a president?

yes there was money that have Sacajawea on them

Who is the most important person in the white house and how much money do they make?

the president.

How can a president boost support?

the president can help support by not giving every person that doesn't work money because it is not fair that some one that works to give money to someone that doesn't!

Can the president of the US have money in the stock market?

Before the white house any U.S. president was just another person. Once they have become President, they're still allowed to invest in the stockmarket as any other person would.

How much money is it to meet the president?

I don't think money is a factor. It is about who you are to the president and why the president should meet with you.

Can you be pictured on your money if you are not a president?

Check your money notes and see if everyone on them is a president...

What happens if the president steals money from the treasury?

The President could be impeached and removed from office after an impeachment trial. After he was removed from office, he could then be prosecuted like any other person.

Who makes the most money in the US besides the president?

The president doesn't make money.

Who advised president Washington about money and treasury?

who advised president washinton about money and treasury

Why is Obama such a poor president?

One person's poor president is another person's good president.

Who usually pay the president and from which money is the president using to develop the country?

I think is the senate members that pay the president and the president do not use his money to develop the country he uses tax money to take care of the country.