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William Paterson's plan was called the New Jersey or Paterson plan and it countered the Virginia plan and it proposed a national legislature that, ignoring differences in size and population, gave equal voice to all the states.

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Q: What plan did William Paterson propose?
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William Paterson proposed what plan?

William Paterson proposed the New Jersey Plan to the Constitutional Convention in 1787.

The plan proposed by William Paterson?

new jersey plan

Who introduced New Jersey plan?

The person who introduced New Jersey plan was known as William Paterson. This is why it was commonly referred to as the Paterson Plan.

Author of the New Jersey Plan?

William Paterson.

What is the New Jersey plan and who wrote it?

William Paterson

Which man proposed the New Jersey Plan?

William Paterson; along with Mr. Martin from Maryland.

What was the New Jersey plan porposed by William Paterson?

countered virgina plan

Who was the delegate who presented the small state plan?

William Paterson

William Paterson suggested an alternate to the Virginia Plan that was called?

the new jersey plan

Who was the New Jersey delegate who presented small state plan?

William Paterson

Who thought of the New Jersey Plan?

William Paterson proposed the plan at the Philadelphia Convention on June 15, 1787.

What was the colony that William Paterson represented?

William Patterson represented New Jersey and proposed the New Jersey Plan