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Q: What point is De Toucqueville trying to make in Democracy in America?
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Howard zinn-how democratic is America summary?

Zinn discusses several points on which American government, as a democracy, is failing. he discusses, protection rights, economic access, etc. The key point in his essay that American government need be restructured. An extremely biased and opinionated essay primarily based on suspicion and hypothetical situations.

How was the victory at saratoga's a turning point in the war?

France decided America could defeat Britain and provided military support

Was the new deal conservative or liberal?

The 'New Deal,' a series of widespread federal (and some state) programs and initiatives during the 1930s, was indeed 'liberal.' As distinct from 'conservative' understandings of the responsibilities and privileges of federal government, the 'liberal' New Deal greatly expanded the role of federal government relative to its previous role in American economics and social planning. Fundamentally, it conceived of the federal government as responsible for ensuring in-state stability and prosperity in domestic affairs.

What was the government like in the 1970s?

the government during the 1970s was at rock bottom. the democracy was not stable. As percentage of independent countries, democracies reached their lowest point, weighing in at only 30%.

What point is the cartoonist trying to make about the ease or difficulty of proposing constitutional amendments?

That there is some easy amendments that are easy to establish while there are some amendments that take some time to think about before establishing them.

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How did the Declaration of Independence change America?

It established a starting point for a system of Democracy to evolve from.

What is Democracy at the point of a gun?

It isn't democracy.

Who is in charge of democracy?

The point of democracy is that the people are in charge

Can you vote in democracy?

That is generally the point of democracy, voting.

What is the point of trying to control guns?

The point

Why free -thinkers are important to democracy?

If you don't have people who can think for themselves, there is no point in having a democracy. Democracy depends on having people who can think for themselves rather than believing..

Why bother even trying?

there is no point in trying since there is no point in life, go away if you think otherwise BoB

How did the two superpowers tangle in America?

The two superpowers of the Americas tangled in a clash against border control, as numerous southern americans were trying to cross the border into Texas at one point, and North America's attempts to kick them out caused a war over texas.

What the point of the civil war?

the point was trying to keep the nation together

How were Catholics viewed in early America?

Roman Catholics were not well regarded in the early days of the 19th century in the United States. At that time Protestantism was the dominant religion. At one point in the middle of the 19th century radical Republicans named slavery and Catholicism as the two major threats to democracy in America.

What the point of having a civil war?

the point was trying to keep the nation together

What is the point that author is trying to make in A Christmas Carol?

The point is to show you that if you can change you can do anything.