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The Democratic Party

In campaigning for The Election of 1896, William Jennings Bryan supported silver, rather than the gold standard, which William McKinley supported.

McKinley won the election.

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Q: What political party favored free silver in the eightteen hundreds?
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Who Favored free coinage of silver?

The southerners and the westerners primarily favored the free coinage system.

Popular term for those who favored the status quo in metal money and opposed the pro-silver Bryanites in 1896?

Gold Bugs (American Paegant) Gold Bugs (American Paegant) Gold Bugs (American Paegant) Gold Bugs (American Paegant) Gold Bugs (American Paegant)

Explain how farmer and labor discontent with republican party's high tariff and high spending policies of the 1890's led to Cleveland's victory and the rise of the populists in 1892?

In an effort to push down public spending, the Republicans enacted tough fiscal policies While farmers and labor initially favored tariffs, revisions of the original tariffs forced prices up so much that by the presidential race of 1892, many previous supporters now favored tariff reform and defected to the Democrat, Cleveland. Promises of free silver and the 8-hour work day made the Populist platform popular.

What was the soft money third party that polled over a million votes and elected fourteen congressmen in 1878 by advocating inflation?

The Greenback Party was originally ka the Independent Party, or the National Party. It was founded in Indianapolis, Indiana, on November 25, 1874. Its members tended to be farmers who had suffered financial losses. They favored paper money over a gold or silver based money system. For they felt that the latter gave power to private banks and businesses, and the former was part of a friendlier, government-controlled system that favored farmers with higher prices and easier debt payment plans. In 1878, it succeeded in getting 21 independent candidates elected to the U.S. Congress. In 1880, it widened its political agenda to include support for an eight-hour working day, an income tax, and voting rights for women. But the broader party platform proved its undoing. By 1884, many of its members had left, to join the later Populist Party.

What is the silver content of a liberty silver dollar coin?

90% silver if its dated 1964 and earlier, from 1965-1970, 40% silver.

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Who Favored free coinage of silver?

The southerners and the westerners primarily favored the free coinage system.

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Why did the populist party want the government to own railroads and telegraph and telephone system?

The populist party was a new national political party that was formed in 1892 and it called for the government to own railroads and telephone and telegraph systems. This also favored the free and unlimited coinage of silver.

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