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congress could settle conflicts among the states, make coins,borrow money and make treaties with other countries and native americans.

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Q: What powers granted to congress by the articles of confederation?
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What powers did the Articles of Confederation granted congress?


What did powers did congress have under articles of confederation?

pass laws

What are three problems with the Articles of Confederation?

The three weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation were that it limited the powers of Congress and preserved the powers of the states, Congress had little economic power, and the new confederation government was weak since there was no president to carry out the laws.

What 5 powers were granted to Congress by the Articles of Confederation?

Super speed, super strength, flying, X-ray vision, and Invincibility. he is stupid u know

What best describes the weakness of the Articles of Confederation?

The powers of congress were weak

Why was the Confederation Congress too weak?

The Confederation Congress became the legislative branch of government established by the Articles of Confederation. It was too weak because it had insufficient powers to enforce the laws that were passed.

What powers were granted to congress under articles of confederation?

Under the Articles of Confederation, Congress has the following powers.Congress can:Declare WarDevelop Foreign PolicyRegulate Native American activity in the territoriesCoin moneyRun post officeBorrow moneyAppoint army/navy officersHowever, their power was quite limited, for most power belonged to the States.

Who did the articles of confederation grant the authority to govern the country while congress was not in session?

The articles of confederation granted the authority to govern the country while Congress was not in session to a committee known as the "committee of the states." This committee consisted of one delegate from each state, and it had limited powers to make decisions and execute certain functions on behalf of Congress.

What was not one of the powers of the Congress set up by the articles of confederation?

the power to collect taxes -novanet

The Articles of Confederation limited the powers of what body?

The Articles of Confederation limited the powers of the central government, known as the Confederation Congress. This central government had limited authority and could not levy taxes or regulate trade, among other limitations.

What weakness of the articles of confederation made enforcing the laws of congress impossible?

under the articles there was only a unicomeral legislature so that there was no seperation of powers.

Why was the articles of confederations weak?

The Articles of Confederation gave the government no separation of powers.