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Q: What presidential candidates has the sierra club endorsed?
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When was Sierra Club created?

Sierra Club was created in 1892.

When was Sierra Club Books created?

Sierra Club Books was created in 1960.

When was Sierra Club Foundation created?

Sierra Club Foundation was created in 1960.

What has the author Sierra Club written?

Sierra Club has written: 'The strip mining of America'

What is Sierra Club's motto?

The motto of Sierra Club is 'Explore, enjoy and protect the planet.'.

Sierra Club founded by john muir?

Yes John Muir founded the Sierra club.

Which political movement was the sierra club established as an advocate?

The Sierra Club was established as an advocate for conservation.

When was The Sierra Club was founded?


How many members are there in sierra club?


What actors and actresses appeared in Sierra Club Chronicles - 2006?

The cast of Sierra Club Chronicles - 2006 includes: Daryl Hannah as Herself - Host

Who is best known as the founder of the Sierra Club?

John Muir was the founder and first president of the Sierra Club. It is one of the oldest organizations devoted to environmental conservation.

Who developed the Sierra Club?

Harold James Turnsmith