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Party nominees have a responsibility to do their best to uphold the ideals of their party and present those ideals to the electorate in a favorable way. They need to be honest with their supporters before their accept the nomination and not hide personal information that would likely cost them the election if it came out during the campaign.

Independent candidates are only responsible to be true to themselves and honest in their campaign speeches and what they plan to do if they are elected.

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Q: What responsibilities do presidential candidates have?
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In the US presidential election voters do actually elect electors not the presidential candidates themselves?

Do the voters elect electors not the presidential candidates

Are the personal qualities of presidential candidates important in an election?

Yes, the personal qualities of presidential candidates are important in an election. Voters often consider qualities such as honesty, integrity, leadership skills, and ability to make sound decisions when choosing a candidate. These qualities can influence voters' trust, confidence, and perception of the candidate's ability to fulfill their responsibilities as president.

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national conventions for nominating presidential candidates.

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There was no Presidential election in 1950.

What is the position of states in nominating presidential candidates?

In reality, states have no position in the nomination of presidential candidates other than holding legal elections. The parties determine the candidates.

When is the vice presidential candidates officially chosen?

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What is an election that is part of the process for choosing presidential candidates.?

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What are the platforms of the presidential candidates?

The platforms of Presidential candidates vary. Some candidates platforms include lower taxes for the middle class, increase jobs and access to better healthcare.

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Democrats permit candidates receiving 15 percent or more of the vote to proportionally divide delegates.

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