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The rights and institutions based on Freedoms of speech,religion,press, and to involvement in the Government (Voting).

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Q: What right and institutions are necessary for a government to be democratic?
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What kind of government did Thomas Paine advocate in common sense?

the idea that a government of our own is our natural right.

Why is a bill of right necessary in a democratic nation where rule by a majority of people is in effect?

To protect the minority, or an individual, from the majority.

Which statement best explains the relationship between citizenship and the right to vote?

Citizenship is a requirement to exercise the right to vote in most countries. Citizenship demonstrates an individual's allegiance and connection to a country, making them eligible to participate in the democratic process through voting.

What are democratic rights?

one democratic right is the right to vote

What responsibility exercises peoples right to self government?

The responsibility of voting, is the means by which people exercise their democratic rights.

How does China system of governance differ from India?

China has a Monarchical form of government where the head of the government only has the power to take decisions while India has a Democratic form of government where the public has the right to take their own decisions and their own representatives to the parliament.

The bill of rights guarantees the right to what type of government?

The Bill of Rights outlines the rights and freedoms of the American people. It ensures that the people get a fair and equal Democratic form of government.

Is there a discussion on the Right to Petition for the Redress of Greivances published by the founding fathers?

This clause gives citizens the right to write to their senators and congressment, to request information from the government, and to sue the government if necessary.

What is the difference between an authoritarian government and democratic government?

An authoritarian government is characterized by centralized power and limited individual freedoms, with decisions made by a single ruler or small group. In contrast, a democratic government is based on principles of equality, participation, and accountability, where power is distributed among elected representatives and citizens have the right to participate in decision-making processes through free and fair elections.

Why is a right to vote important in a democratic government?

It is important because the democratic and the federalist party were made up by different people's opinion. If they don't get to vote the people might make up another group.

Who believed that people create government to meet their needs and that people have a right to change it by revolution if necessary?


What democratic principle of the constitution allows people to create change or alter government?

The answer is (popular sovereignty): People have a right to rule themselves. "article and Amendment"