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i firmly believe that the citizens stands so essential in the society thus the society is in need of having citizens. government wont be functional if citizens were absent.

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Q: What role do citizens play in different types of government?
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What role does the citizens play in an oligarchic government?


What role do citizens play in euopes government?

Not as much as some citizens would like!

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What role do citizens play in Germany?

The role of a German citizen is to vote for government.

What do you call a government ruled by few in which citizens play a little or no role at all?

"Government by the few" is known as oligarchy.

What part did the slave citizens of Athens play in the decisions made by their government?

None whatsoever. They were not citizens, they were property, and completely subservient to their master.

In this type of government, citizens play an important role because they can vote for leaders:​?


What role did the bill of rights play?

to protect citizens against unfair use of government power

How do you ask different types in a word?


How is sports related to types of government?

Sports is related to types of government in the fact that for different types of government there are different sports played. Here in Amercia we play every sport their is to play. In different types of government like Africa they don't have courts to play basketball, therefore, they play other sports such as soccer. Dr. Nathan M. Hasenfratz M.D. Harvard University Graduating Class of 2000

Which statement summarizes the role citizens play in a democracy?

Citizens are the souce of political sovereignty - Apex :)

What option would best summarizes what is expected of citizens in a democracy?

To obey and support the government without question