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The Court Clerk would have them, newspapers, or you can look on the website below.

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Q: What sources would you look in to find a US Supreme Court decision one to two weeks after the case was decided by the court?
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What is an example of supreme court in a sentence?

The Supreme Court is one of the three branches of government. They appealed the decision to the Supreme Court.

Is a Supreme Court decision permanent?

In most cases a Supreme Court decision is permanent. The current Supreme Court can change the decision of a previous Supreme Court.

Why would the supreme court agree to review a lower court's decision?

Certain cases are important enough to require the authoritative decision of the nation's highest court rather than being decided by a lower court. If issues of constitutional interpretation are involved, that is the specialty of the Supreme Court.

Why does it make sense that a supreme court decision is not permanently binding?

The decision is binding for the particular case decided on by the Court. Of course the Government can change the law, and that law must be obeyed.

The official decision of the Supreme Court is known as what?

The official decision of the Supreme Court is known as an opinion. Rulings by the US Supreme Court cannot be appealed by a higher court.

What are the powers of the supreme court od India?

supreme court's decision is the fynal decision. supreme court can ineterpret the law. supreme court hav a right to punish the personif he/she breaks the law.

Is it ture Currently about two-thirds of the cases decided by the US Supreme Court are done so by unanimous decision?


Is the validity of California's Proposition 8 an issue correctly decided by the US Supreme Court?

The matter is properly decided by the Supreme Court because the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, which overturned Proposition 8 as unconstitutional, has refused to review its decision en banc, thereby leaving the United States Supreme Court as the only remaining forum for appeal

How did the Supreme Court rule in the Miranda decision?

The supreme's court overturned Miranda conviction in a 5 to 4 decision.

To which amendment does this Supreme Court decision refer?

Since you didn't say WHICH Supreme Court decision, there is no way to answer the question.

Can a legislature overturn a supreme court decision holding a particular statute unconstitutional?

No it can't. The only way to overturn a supreme court decision is either another supreme court decision, or a constitutional amendment.

Why is the supreme court called the high court.?

The US Supreme Court is called the high court because it is the last court in which federal questions (questions of federal and constitutional law) can be decided. There is no forum above the Supreme Court in which to appeal a decision. In the United States, "high court" is simply a colloquialism for the US Supreme Court. In some countries, the "High Court" is part of the proper title for the court.